About Me

I stink at writing bios because I am pretty boring…I spend most of my time lost in a book with fictional people.

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am addicted to reading, television, movies, crafting and probably a few other things as you’ll discover reading my blog.  I’m a newbie to blogging, but have been reading and pushing books on people for years. Right now I mainly read YA, but I love almost every genre and enjoy stepping outside my reading comfort zone.

I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I am human. I am a work in progress.

You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads.

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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I'm starting a blog tour and would love to send you the galley of my book. I don't see an address to send it to you here, which is just as well, because I will take the opportunity to ask you if you are interested in reading it. The book will be published October 28, 2016. It's about a Lost Boy of Sudan's search for his mother across three continents. Even though the book is adult fiction, it starts when the protagonist is five-years-old and continues until he is in college, so although the book is not classified as YA, it certainly is appropriate for a YA audience. It received a great Kirkus Review and lots of great editorial reviews and it is being published by an independent press,Harvard Square Editions. The book is called, How Fast Can You Run. This is my website: Harrietlevinmillan.com I hope you will be interested in receiving it. I look forward to hearing from you. All best, Harriet